Splitting a payment by seat

In order to split a payment by seat, or by items ordered, you must have Tables enabled in settings. Once that is enabled, you can add items to an order, using the "+" to add additional seats or patrons.



Once you are ready to pay, you will click the "+" in the payment type box.



Choose the "By Seat" option



Tap the seat numbers you would like to include in the first check.



Your payment box will then split into 2 boxes. You will see the seat numbers associated with splits in parenthesis next to each total. If you would like to split again, tap the "+" again.



Once all payments have been split out the way you would like, you may proceed to pay each transaction as if it were separate. 



Please note that any items being paid via credit, will be accessed by swiping a card. These will work in order from top to bottom based on the payment method selected. Please be careful which transaction you are swiping for.


Once all payments have been processed you may tap the close button to end the transaction.


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