Duplicate / Copy an item

 Often times, duplicating an item can be one of the fastest ways to create your menu. Imagine that you have 6 different Hamburger options. They are all fairly similar, but have different topping combinations. Instead of creating a new item every time, you can instead copy an item, and then change the name and options.

There are two ways which we can duplicate an item. The first, is to click the duplicate icon on the item tile. This will create a copy of the item, right next to the original, that you can then edit.






The second way, requires you to open the Item Detail screen. And click the other button, denoted by a "..."



 Once in the Other portion of the Item Detail screen, you see an option to duplicate the item.





More actions you can take in the my products area are below:

Create a new item

Price the item at Sale

Add modifications to the item

Change the category of an item

View item inventory



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