Creating a new menu item

Creating and editing menu items is a common task in FIG POS. Thankfully, it's also very simple.


Start by clicking on the My Products icon from the main screen.



Your my products screen will likely have several products on it already, if it doesn't, don't worry, it soon will. You should have a couple new boxes for you to click on like the ones below.



To create a new item, click on the square box with a + in it, and choose "New Item"



Your item detail screen will automatically open with your new item featured.



To change the name of the item, click into the name field currently showing as "New Item". Next you will want to delete what is there and add your own item name. We used "Hamburger" below. Tap tab when finished to save the new name.



To create a price, much like the name, click into the price field, and change the value to your current price. Make sure to tap tab to save the change. You may change the cost data of the item by doing the same.



You can add a picture or color by clicking into the picture box or selecting a color below it.



You can also do more advanced things with your item such as the below:

Price the item at Sale

Add modifications to the item

Change the category of an item

View item inventory

Duplicate the item 





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