Adding and editing Item Modifications

Item modifications allow a user in the POS to alter an item with some standardization. Adding and removing toppings or cook styles with a simple tap instead of having to enter notes on each item to be changed. You can include cost changes to the modifiers as well, which can increase or decrease an individual item cost on use.  

To add a modifier to an item, open the item detail screen and click the "Modification" tab. Then click the "Add Modifier" button.



There are 2 types of modifiers you may add to an item. The process to add them is very similar.

1. A Private Group; This is a group of modifications that apply only to the particular item you are editing. You would use a private group when you need to add say ingredients to a pasta dish, so that removing one is easy for staff.



2. Shared Group; This is a group of modifications that several items may use. Standard burger toppings, pizza toppings, steak temps or egg cooking styles are examples of likely shared group modifications. 

Continue creating a shared group by clicking "Shared Group"



Next we will decide on an existing shared group from the list, or create a new one. In our case we will create a new shared group. To do this, type the name of the group into the box, and click the arrow to the right.



Once you have created the shared group, the box will change, allowing you to add new modification options to the group.



As illustrated below, click the "+" to create a new shared modification option. You may then enter the name of the option and a price for up-charge is needed. Continue to add options in the same manner. Remember adding options will add these to any item with the same Shared Group in use.



You can click the box above each option if you would like them to be selected by default on your item. This will allow a user to deselect the item if a customer wishes to leave something off.



If you would like, you can add an addition charge amount on an option which will add that dollar amount to the order if selected on the item.



 You have now successfully added a shared group modification. Private group modifications work the exact same way, but are limited in use to the single item that they are created on. 


If you would like more info on item creation, you can check out the following:

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