Item Sub Groups

 Sub Groups are a useful way to organize the tiles of your products so that there is less scrolling involved in use of the POS. Tapping on a sub-group will reveal the items within. 

 Creating a new sub-group is a simple task.

1. Click on the "+" symbol and select "New Sub-group" from the options



You should then see the sub-group window open with no items in it and a default name.



2. To change the name, click in the name field, delete the existing name and change it to what you would like. 



3. You may click the "+" inside the sub-group to begin adding new items. 



Once you click New Item a new item detail window will open for you. You can see more about creating new items here



 For more on the My Products section of the software, the following links may be useful. 

Price the item at Sale

Add modifications to the item

Change the category of an item

View item inventory

Duplicate the item 






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