Create a new user

 Creating a new user in FIG POS is a simple process completed is seconds.


First click on the control room icon in the left navigation bar. 


Then Click the Users button.



On the users screen, click into the box and type the Users name you wish to create. Hit the ENTER key.



A new window will appear. You will be required to enter a valid email and password for the user. Email addresses are unique in FIG software and may not be used more than once. You may set the password to whatever you like. 

When finished, click the "Create User" button.



Once a user is created, you will be brought to the user detail screen. From here we can manage time punches, assign user type, add pictures, wage information and PINs.



To change the user type, select the correct type from the drop down.
Admin users have full access to all information and settings.
Regular users may only use the POS and view certain information in the back office. 



You may add a picture by double clicking the image area and selecting a photo for your user account. You may also choose to simply use a color for the user. 



Mobile PINs are used to clock in and out of the POS application itself. These should be 3-4 digit numeric codes for each employee. Users must have a PIN if they wish to clock into the software. 



 You can see the process in real time below.


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