Managing a Cash Till

While not mandatory, FIG POS offers the ability to manage your cash drawer or till. This is often used by clients who want their staff to maintain a balanced till through a shift or a day. 

To use the cash till feature, first you must go to the control center of the POS.

Then you must tap the Sales & Close-out button.

Once in this screen, you will see either an "Open Till" or a "Close Till" button. If it says "Close Till" someone has already started the till.

Tap the "Open Till" button and enter the starting cash in the till. It's that simple.


Once the shift or day is done, you should be ready to count up your cash drawer, including the starting amount, and close the till. Go to the same area you used to open the till, and tap "Close Till". 

Here you will enter the exact amount in the till. If you are off by any amount, a window will pop up, allowing you to enter a reason for the overage or underage. 



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