May 1, 2015 Release Notes


  • Added loyalty program to POS. This is set up in the Control Center of the back office. Under settings, then POS and Tipping. Use of loyalty requires a gift card swipe. You can assign rewards based on item price or category. You may also assign points by dollar spent. You can then set a number of points for redemption and what they can be redeemed for.


  • You can now customize the header and footer of your receipts. These options are located under Control Center / Settings / POS and Tipping.


  • Feedback button should show properly now for everyone.
  • Sub-groups should now always show properly.
  • Alignment fix for pop up menu in item page.
  • Fixed an issue causing bottom aligned sub-groups to open incorrectly.
  • Empty categories should no longer show up on item page
  • Fix for scroll in sub-category popup.
  • Added an auto-scroll to pop up items in POS.
  • Added background color to notes.
  • Removed quantity popup for preset discounts.
  • Moving a seat when preset discount is added no longer creates phantom seats.
  • Removed change seat option on preset discounts
  • Removing an item when cash tendered should no longer create a negative amount.
  • Fixed a size issue on notes in order
  • Fixed a till error on zero difference
  • Fixed tender issues when switching from cash on payment.
  • Fixed gift cards not loading offline
  • Fix for payment information hiding on long orders in POS history view.
  • Negative priced modifiers now properly subtract value from item in POS.
  • Fixed card holder name not appearing properly in some instances.
  • Fixed new order not updating when changed on another device
  • Settings should now stay when you update the POS.
  • Updates should now properly appear on kitchen display
  • Disabled swipe on cleared orders in kitchen
  • Fix for orders sometimes hiding on kitchen display if long orders appeared at odd spots.
  • Fixed Kitchen display to properly show long orders.
  • Fixed tax calculation error in report
  • Fix for DST issue on reports screen
  • Added move back-forward arrows on reports page.
  • Improved payroll report algorithm


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