Ordering items by seat

When placing an order in the FIG POS system, frequently you may need to separate items by the seat at which they are ordered. This comes in handy when needing to split a check by seat. Sometimes you just want to organize the ticket better though.


Ordering by seat is easy in the FIG POS system. Notice when you create an order, there will be a Blue 1 next to the items in the order review pane. This indicates Seat 1. You can tap the "+" under the seat and create a second seat to add an item to.



If you need to add an item to a seat other than the one currently selected, you may tap the correct seat number and add the item.



Lastly, if you would like to move items around, you may tap and hold any item on the order review pane, to see a list of available seats to move the item to.




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