History Screen

FIG POS is designed to make it easy for the user to manage open and closed orders that are outstanding. Whether you need to void an order that was just processed or you need to reopen an order for a table you are working on, the history screen provides quick access to all of these.


The history screen can be accessed by clicking the History Icon. 



Once in the history screen, the default view is to see open orders. These are orders that have not yet been paid for. You also have the option to select All orders so you can see open and closed orders together. 


You may select to view only orders with names that start with a particular letter of the alphabet. This will allow for quicker finding of orders you need. 


You may also use the Magnifying Glass to search for a specific ticket.


For those waiting table side, you probably don't want to sift through every other users orders. We have created a filter just to allow you to see your orders and no others. This is particularly useful when trying to manage your tables with guests at them.


Lastly, clicking on an order, allows you to see a preview of the current items on the right and manage the order below that. You may cancel, void or open any order from this screen. In addition you may hit send. This allows you to send the order back to the kitchen screen or printers. You can also send a receipt via email, text or print it.



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