August 2015 Release Notes

Franchise level reporting and support functions are now available. Franchise owners can now view reports on all sites from a single location. Regions can also be added to allow for further break down of sales information.


A new promotions engine has been added. You are now able to create system managed promotions with date and time triggers. This new feature is located in the control room area of the back office. Promotions can be added to offer discounts on some items when others are purchased. You may create coupons, add barcodes to them and see reports on effectiveness. For more information on setting up a promo, please call us at 1-855-4FIGPOS (855-434-4767)


POS Enhancements

Per-day order numbering now displays in the POS.

It is now possible to split single items between seats.

You can now merge orders from the history screen.

Frowny-face option for a $0 tip on customer tip screen can now be removed by explicitly setting a 0 tip option in settings.


Hardware Changes

Fixed issue with some MagTek swipers and not properly reading gift cards.

Impact printers are now supported. If you would like to use an impact printer in your business, please call us at 1-855-4FIGPOS for more details.


Loyalty Improvements

Fix for item loyalty allowing changes in loyalty program when categories were previous used.

Loyalty fields should now properly wrap.


POS Improvements

Fixed some seat alignment issues on order screen.

Changed 'Finish' on some 10-keys screens to more relevant terms.

Fixed issue with blank orders assigning to old active users.

Fixed odd number seat display issue.

Fix for names not saving to orders properly.

Fix for some kitchen screen issues.

Fix for “Save” not triggering close after cash tender is added.

Remove blank image for email receipts if no logo has been uploaded.

Removed blank payment info in emailed receipts.

Improved poor network handling.

Removed needless save activity.

Improved LinkWith connections

Fixed old printers be called as active


Back Office Improvements

Corrected some display issues with the product layout page in the back office.

Fix for some catalog save issues.

Fix for sub-group items not ordering.

Times are now localized in the gateway screen.

Added cardholder name to gateway screen search fields.


Reports Screen Updates

Improvements to date selection in report screens.

Fix for single day selections on new reports.

Fixed some layout visuals on reports screen.

Greatly improved client side report performance.

Fixed issue with reports crashing when there is an ampersand in name.

Fix by-hour staff reporting.

Fix for gift load by method on reports.


CRM Improvements

Fixed issue with mobile CRM navigation.

Fixed sorting in CRM on value and progress.

CRM now filters out inactive users on rep list.

Fix for custom field options.


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