Release notes 4-4-16

 On April 4, 2016 FIG POS released an update to it's software. Details of changes are listed below. 

  • Improved overall application speed and reliability.  
  • Added duplicate charge prevention.
  • Orders should no longer reopen after closure. 
  • Improved payment error messages, these should now be easier to understand for end users. 
  • Improved offline mode for the POS.  
  • There is now an ability to optionally process cards at a later time. This should reduce down time if the gateway has a problem. 


  • LINKWith has been changed to Devices in the POS. Screens should reconnect automatically and disconnect less. Additionally, notifications will exist when the customer screen and register are no longer connected.

Introducing Order +

  • Select from Dine-In, Pick-Up or Delivery when starting an order.

  • Customer lookup pulls in name and address from phone # and automatically adds it to the order for customers that have previously dined with you. 
  • Past order recommender allows for instantly adding the items and notes from one of their previous orders.

  • Pick-up and Delivery tags show in order history and kitchen screen. Tapping on the new icon in kitchen shows customer information.
  • You can now schedule an order allowing entry of a future pick-up time. Order shows in kitchen with scheduled time overlay and start-now button to override the default scheduled time.



  • Users can now swipe to enter PIN.
  • Kitchen screen now has better fonts and interaction. 
  • Added clock to kitchen screen.
  • Several updates to reporting in the back office.
  • Added time zone corrections for dashboard reports and gift card report screens. 
  • Added percentages to main report screens. 
  • Added Tax Exempt reporting to default dashboard.
  • You can now search for cancelled orders in history by adding the term “cancelled” to your search. You can see the user that cancelled the order, and can “Resurrect” the order to un-cancel it.

  • Voided orders now show the user that voided them in the history screen.
  • Can now merge orders that have previously been authorized.
  • Manage User screen is now more distinguished from the normal user sign in screen.

  • Managers can now to edit clock-in/out times from the manage users area of the POS.

  • Ability to finish 'count later' till from the till section of the POS.
  • Added iPad status bar to the top of screen in the POS.
  • Added ability to select active payment. This allows credit cards to be directed at a arbitrary payment in split payments

  • Other tender now allows a user to enter a tender type and any notes. This can be disabled by selecting Lazy Tender in the back office settings.

  • Added support for red ink of impact printers.
  • Added new short cuts to the order screen. You can now tap the order icon to open/close the till, indicate a cash out activity or make change for a customer. 




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    Jeremy Thomas

    We really like the new display options.  The larger text helps us a lot.

    I am trying to look up a transaction in the gateway but the icon is not showing up where it used to be. I have tried it using safari, firefox, chrome and Internet explorer.  Is there a new location or method for viewing the transactions?



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